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A wide selection of paintings are available as prints and can be purchased here Archival Print Shop

Curious Beings. 60x60cms. Oil on canvas. SOLD.

In Looking Out. 40x30cms. Oil on board.  SOLD.

Politely She Waited, But Inside She Stamped Her Feet. 14x14cms. Oil on aluminium. SOLD.


A Bride Isn't Just For Christmas. 14x14cms. Oil on aluminium. SOLD.

Deep in the Forest. 180x150cms. Oil on canvas. SOLD.

Girl Red. 14x14cms. Oil on aluminium. SOLD.


Butterfly Girl, Use Your Wings, 20x20cms. Oil on canvas. SOLD.

Metamorphosis. 120x90cms. Oil on canvas. SOLD.

Blue Shoes. 30x30cms. Oil on canvas. SOLD.


The Return of Martha (triptych). 180x150cms. Oil on canvas. 


Forest Delights. Oil on board.  30x10cms. SOLD.

Come To Me. 90x70cms. Oil on canvas. Framed. SOLD.

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