Some Things Must Fade Before They Can Bloom

This series  is inspired by Edvard Munch’s Frieze of Life 1.  There will be six paintings in total, as there were in Munch's first Frieze collection.  These pieces are expressive and embody the notion of the sometimes chaotic  and transitory nature of life and living. Within this struggle of being alive, there are often periods of fallow  and death, both vital to the process of renewal - for a rose to flourish, it  must first lose it’s petals.  Some Things  Must Fade Before They Can Bloom is a celebration of this flow in life, bound up  in hope, anxiety, love and death.  

Garden Of Paradise. Acrylic and brown paper on cardboard. 150x120cms. 

The Flower Danced Til She Dropped Again And Again. Acrylic on cardboard. 150x120cms.

Down On The Shore. Acrylic on cardboard. 170x140cms. 

The Roaming Adventures of Gertie Blessed.  Acrylic on paper & cardboard.  150x120cms. 

True Love (Verus Amor). Pencil on paper. 21x15cms.

I Love You (Te Amo). Pencil on paper. 21x15cms.

Down On The Shore.  Study.  Pencil on paper. 21x15cms.

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