Tomorrow Is Another Day. 150x120cms. Acrylic and acid free brown paper on canvas.

Garden Of Paradise. Acrylic and brown paper on cardboard. 150x120cms. 

The Flower Danced Til She Dropped Again And Again. Acrylic on cardboard. 150x120cms.

Down On The Shore. Acrylic on cardboard. 170x140cms. 

The Roaming Adventures of Gertie Blessed.  Acrylic on paper & cardboard.  150x120cms. 

Have You Ever Lost Your Petals And Found Them Again. Acrylic on canvas. 90x70cms.

All That's True Is Beautiful. Acrylic on wood panel. 50.5x36cms. Sold.

A Day In The Life Of Polyantha. Acrylic on wood panel. 37.5x25cms.

Forest Of Great Chatter. Acrylic on wood panel. 37x25cms.

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