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A wide selection of paintings are available as prints and can be purchased here Archival Print Shop

Bleeding Monkey. 180x120cms. Oil on canvas. SOLD.

I Wanted To Be A Dancer.  Oil on cardboard. 169x142cms. SOLD.

Some Things Must Fade Before They Can Bloom. Oil on wood screen. 168x147cms. 

AVAILABLE TO BUY - rachelglittenberg


Sister Rita, Have You Seen Her. 30x30cms. Oil on canvas. SOLD.

Norwegian Girlfriend Arrives. 90x70cms. Oil on canvas. SOLD.

Come Up and See Me Sometime and Bring the Booze. 30x30cms. Oil on canvas. 

AVAILABLE TO BUY - rachelglittenberg


Eve. 210x160cms. Oil on canvas. SOLD.

SisterLand. 90x90cms. Oil on canvas.  SOLD.

Being Tilda. 90x70cms. Oil on canvas. SOLD.


Dance of Dreams. 150x120cms. Oil on canvas. SOLD.

Love Thy Neighbour. 58.5x51.5cms. Oil on canvas. SOLD.

The Long Days. 144x122cms. Oil on board. 

AVAILABLE TO BUY - rachelglittenberg


Susie Loves. Oil on aluminium. 14x14ms. SOLD.

The Two Eves. Oil on canvas. 120x90cms. SOLD.

Sam. Oil on aluminium. 14x14ms. SOLD.


I'm Not Afraid, I Was Born To Do This. 90x90cms. Oil on canvas. SOLD.

Introspection. 220x140cms. Oil on canvas. SOLD.

Two Wings. 60x60cms. Oil on canvas.  SOLD.


End of the Dance. 100x80cms. Oil on canvas. SOLD.

Edge of the World. 100x80cms. Oil on canvas. AVAILABLE TO BUY.

AVAILABLE TO BUY - rachelglittenberg

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